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The scarab was designed for performance. Road Test magazine said it best; "Subtle as a chain link jock strap, the Scarab will not only blow 99 percent of the cars on the road in the weeds, it'll do it in style."


If you are interested in the legendary Scarab, sign up and join us!  If you are a Scarab owner, this is the right place to share information and collaborate with other owners.  



Anyone with an interest can join our public site.  If you are a confirmed Scarab owner, please log in with the credentials supplied by the administrator.  Either way, welcome!




The Scarab Z Owners Group is a member of the ZCCA (Z Car Club of America), and is organized under ZCCA rules.  


We are a relatively small group of enthusiasts who are committed to the preservation of the Scarab legacy.  This includes supporting those of us who own Scarabs as well as those who are interested in the history of the company and the cars they created.   We also serve to bring the Scarab community together, including both owners and non-owner enthusiasts.  A key part of this community are the people who originally envisioned the Scarab and those who were involved with the design, marketing and manufacturing of the cars.  Without them, there would be no Scarab legacy.  


The Scarab Z Owners Group also serves the following functions:


  • Administer the process to authenticate Scarab cars; issue formal Certificates of Authentication for cars that successfully complete the process.  

  • Plan and coordinate Scarab events and activities.

  • Maintain and support this website and the associated facebook page.

  • Serve as a contact point for the automotive industry at large, doing everything possible to ensure that Scarab’s can be restored and maintained well into the future.  

  • Serve as a contact point for media enquiries.

  • Support the automotive insurance industry, providing confirmation of certification as necessary to support owners.  Please note that we are NOT involved with the vehicle valuation process.   



Thanks for your submission!

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